How do Gutter Guards Work?

gutter guard protectionHow often do you clean your gutters and roofing of your house? Once a year? Twice? Or even monthly depending on the season? Isn’t it frustrating having clogged gutters especially during rainy season?
Gutter guard will surely help in the clogging problem. It is not a 100% foolproof but will lessen those home maintenance activities of cleaning clogged gutters. Gutter guards are special screens placed atop your gutters to separate water from those debris such as leaves, twigs, seeds and other parts of a tree.
Many gutter guard or covers are available in the market. From cheap ones to expensive types. From plastic made to metal types. One thing in common for these various types of gutter guards is their claim of definitely screening those debris and prevent clogged up house gutters. But be very careful in choosing what guards you choose. Don’t be fooled by those convincing sales talk. The intention of never cleaning those gutters should not be your goal in choosing gutter guards. Do some research before buying those investment gutter guards.

The following are different types of guards with their pros and cons. Plastic gutter guard are screens made of plastic. These are cheap but tend to be easily damaged. Season changes can make this plastic screens deformed thus the need to replace it is frequent. Foam gutter guards are made of foam pieces and are place directly on your gutter. They tend to block those debris however, due to their absorption type characteristics, plants may grow in it. Brush gutter guards are made up of bristles installed in your gutter in an upward position. With this type, it is a very convenient to install this however, smaller debris may still enter your gutters that can eventually clog your gutters. Though birds will never lay their nest on brush type gutters, the cons till outweigh their pros since the cleaning of these gutters will be frequent. The reverse curve gutters are expensive. This is a type of guard where professional help is needed for installation since your roof shingles will be lifted up for this to be installed. By using this type, the rainwater will pour down the tiny slit while leaves will fall to the ground, Tiny debris can still accumulate through the slit and might clog the gutter in the long run. Screen metal guards are also best to install as your gutter protection. Some brands have larger holes but choose those with smaller holes to screen out those unwanted contaminants. Lastly is the micro mesh metal gutter guard which is the best among all types. With its tiny holes and made of stainless metal, it is definitely weather proof. They can offer gutter protection and can even come with warranty. They can be professionally installed and can also be DIY solution. Some claim it is a maintenance free type of gutter guard however these still have holes that might be clogged. An annual clean-up of your micro mesh gutter guard will do the trick.

Now you have an idea of what gutter guard do. It’s now up to you to choose what best fits your requirement. Just remember, this is a big investment and so make sure to buy those quality made gutter guards so you won’t have to worry about declogging those nasty gutters of your home.

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